OPENMIND, a project to revolutionize surgery

The OPENMIND project, which has involved 9 European partners, has come to an end and presented a new kind of production system for the manufacturing of individualised minimally invasive medical devices fully compatible to MRI technology (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) to open up new perspectives for surgeries and physicians.

The added value of the OPENMIND project is the transformation of MRI from a sophisticated diagnostic technology to a powerful therapeutic tool by developing a flexible technology for metal-free operation tools, compatible with diagnostic images.

Beyond geometrical and mechanical customization, OPENMIND allows individual configurations of visual properties depending on the physician’s preferences. The guidewire’s visual appearance for image-guided surgeries can be customized by means of the marker’s type, position and absolute frequency.

The OPENMIND approach aims at the development of a highly flexible process chain for the on-demand production of entirely customized minimally invasive medical devices.


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