WINESITY, the new IRIS project to monitor the evolution of fermentation in the wine tanks

Today, a driving force behind increased agricultural production at a lower cost is the Internet of Things (IoT), which leaves the door wide open for engineers looking to bring a smart farming solution or IoT agricultural sensor to market.

 Aligned with this trend, last month IRIS got involved in a new project called, WINESITY, the objective of the project is to design an automatic hydrometer to continuously monitor the evolution of fermentation in the wine tanks destined for this purpose in the cellars. During the two years of the project, several prototypes of the WINESITY device will be built by IRIS and will be installed in warehouses of the Cooperative Falset to check and adjust its operation.

The digital monitoring technologies that IRIS is developing will bring new IoT solutions to the winegrowers, helping them in the decision making process in order to adapt their production mode in their vineyard.

WINESITY, will be able to control continuously and immediately the density in the tanks, would free technicians time during the harvest. Moreover monitoring the curves of fermentation would allow detecting in advance slowdowns or accelerations of the process, extending the reaction time, and avoiding the risk of great damage to the quality of the wineIn fact, the timely detection of a stop or failure in the fermentation process can facilitate a quick and successful rectification, to anticipate an irreversible problem and optimize the characteristics and final properties of the product.


Here’s the Press note to know more.