Agrimax helps to reduce the world’s waste issue


It’s a fact that the world has a problem with food and crop waste. Every year, in Europe alone, 90 million tonnes of food and 700 million tonnes of crop go to waste. That involves a USD 936 billion in market value lost and 8% of all annual global greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.

Agrimax aims to help to reduce these figures using food and crop waste to produce new bio-based compounds for the chemicals, food packaging and agricultural sectors.

In the words of Albert Torres, Project Coordinator of IRIS Group, ‘Our aim is for AGRIMAX to become a flagship for the circular economy, where waste finds new applications in the sector that produced it, closing loops between primary production and reuse’.

This project is also committed to commercialising these new sustainable products and to running new collaborative synergies between agricultural cooperatives that could be emulated across Europe and not too far away, across the whole world.

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