Ecobulk M30 meeting at Pozzuoli


From 11th to 12th December our Ecobulk project team formed by Marta Jurado, Simona Neri, David Nettleton, and Cristina Fernández, attended the Ecobulk M30 meeting at Pozzuoli, Italy, presenting the Quality Assurance System (QAS) developed for the WP6 of the project.

The Ecobulk’s software systems are envisioned as a platform which provides the circular economy actors with enhanced features and functions to promote increased circularity of the produced goods.

As aforementioned, the main objectives of a system like that is to provide a common information repository to all the actors working on a circular economy, focusing in the continuous feedback between them and enabling some intelligent services or modules which permit users to optimize their processes and therefore to more cost-effective.


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