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 BabySafe  Light-based decontamination system for baby formula Powdered infant formula is the most widespread and established alternative to the breastfeeding of the newborn. Despite preservation steps during production illnesses caused by contaminated formula as a result of Salmonella spp., Cronobacter sakazakii have been reported, which can often lead to brain damage or death in babies [...]

 Crystalvis PAT system for tracking crystallisation in the pharma sector An active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) is the substance in a pharmaceutical drug that has pharmacological activity. The crystallisation process is a critical step in the API manufacturing process and for delivering “product” in its final form, with some 70 % of products going through a [...]

 Durawood Plasma treatment to enhance coated wood durability For wood to compete with other materials and be attractive to customers, the durability of treated wood facades of at least 5-8 years renovation-free should be guaranteed. New EC legislation (2004/42/EC) requires the replacement of solvent-borne coating systems with water-borne coatings for outdoor wood preservation purposes. Wooden [...]

 Manucoat Electrospray of self-cleaning nano-coatings on textile The MANUCOAT research is focused on getting the visible light photocatalytic effect of textile and wood surfaces by developing of a system for plasma treatment of textile and increase wood substrates and deposition of doped nano-TiO2, where dopants envisaged are Ag and Si in order to provide solutions [...]

 Meatpack Plasma treatment for in-pack decontamination of meat products Meat and poultry products are vehicles for millions of cases of foodborne illness globally each year. Controlling pathogens such as Campylobacter, Escherichia coli O157:H7, Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella, and Yersinia enterocolitica, is a primary goal for the industry. Additionally, processors are constantly striving to lengthen product shelf [...]

 Milddry Microwave assisted the drying of food products Heat sensitive foods and products that possess excellent quality in terms of taste, aroma, texture, and appearance, such as herbs, spices, seafood, etc., pose a major challenge to food driers. Products such as garlic, ginger, spring onions and shrimps are cellular tissues containing gas-filled pores that tend [...]

 Mycospec Infrared spectroscopic tools for mycotoxin determination in foodstuffs Mycotoxins are contaminants produced by fungi that infest food crops and processed foods. Mycotoxins enter the food chain via infected crops that are either directly consumed by humans or indirectly ingested as a consequence of crops as an animal feed ingredient. These toxins have been linked [...]

 Optiject Optimal injection moulding of plastic via optical monitoring Injection moulding is a complex process and is dependent on the relationship between the supplied material and the processing conditions. The properties of the plastic materials are directly dependent on the temperature, time and environment. Any change in the injection moulding variables, such as temperature, pressure [...]

 Optimalt Monitoring systems for barley harvesting and malting process The EU malting barley industry supplies almost 50% of global malting barley requirements. The sustainability of thousands of EU SME farmers depends on the competitiveness of this industry, as is the quality of our brewing and distilling industries. Malting barley demands a premium at the farm [...]