Biobased barrier and active coatings for recyclable packaging

RefuCoat seeks to develop hybrid bio-based high oxygen/water barrier and active coatings to be used in monolayer bio-based packaging (films and trays) as an alternative to current metallised and modified atmosphere (MAP) packages.

Replacing oil-based packaging materials with bio-based ones could give a competitive advantage due to their more sustainable and greener image. Currently, bio-plastics represent about one per cent of about 300 million tonnes of plastic produced annually. But as demand is rising and with more sophisticated materials, applications, and products emerging, the market is already growing by about 20 to 100 per cent per year.

RefuCoat will seek to demonstrate the potential and economic opportunity offered by the use of bio-based polymers, including PHA from food by-products and other commercial biopolymers.

Bio-Based Packaging


Active Packaging

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