Our Projects

 Agrimax Developing and demonstrating the production of multiple, high-value products from crop and food-processing waste. Project: Agrimax Started: October 21, 2016 Categories: Bio-Based Industries Call: This project has received funding from the Bio Based Industries Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 720719 Around one-third of [...]

 Babysafe Light based decontamination system for baby formula Project: Babysafe Categories: FP7 Call: FP7 - Research for SMEs Grant Agreement no. 315323 Powdered infant formula is the most widespread and established alternative to the breastfeeding of the newborn. Despite preservation steps during production illnesses caused by contaminated formula as a result of Salmonella spp., Cronobacter [...]

 Crystalvis PAT system for tracking crystallisation in the pharma sector Project: Crystalvis Categories: FP7-SME Call: FP7-SME Grant Agreement no. 605814 An active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) is the substance in a pharmaceutical drug that has the pharmacological activity. The crystallisation process is a critical step in the API manufacturing process and for delivering “product” in its [...]

 Durawood Plasma treatment to enhance coated wood durability Project: Durawood Categories: FP7 Call: FP7-SME-2008-1 Grant Agreement no. 232296 For wood to compete with other materials and be attractive to customers, a durability of treated wood facades of at least 5-8 years renovation-free should be guaranteed. New EC legislation (2004/42/EC) requires the replacement of solvent-borne coating [...]

 Intensified-by-Design (IbD) Intensified by Design platform for the intensification of processes involving solids handling Project: IbD Started: October 21, 2015 Categories: H2020 - SPIRE Call: SPIRE 8 - 2015 Solids handling for intensified process technology Grant Agreement no. 680565 A holistic platform for facilitating Process Intensification design and optimization in solid processes: Cement, ceramics, chemicals, [...]

 Manucoat Electrospray of self-cleaning nano-coatings on textile Project: Manucoat Categories: Manu-net Call: Manu-net The MANUCOAT research is focused on getting the visible light photocatalytic effect of textile and wood surfaces by developing of a system for plasma treatment of textile and increase wood substrates and deposition of doped nano-TiO2, where dopants envisaged are Ag and [...]